We Stand Together To

Organize Boykots

Reclaim Schools

Demand Informed Consent

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The basic individual right to uncoerced medical consent is under attack!

What medical procedures you and your children undergo and what medical devices you and your children wear are your choices to make, not the choices of politicians, doctors,
bureaucrats, and CEO’s.

westandtogether.io was founded to protect this basic right to voluntary and informed consent.

Defend Your Rights Here

Here is where we stand together to boycott businesses that support coerced medical
procedures or mandatory medical devices.

Here is where we stand together for our rights to travel, work, shop, assemble, entertain, and eat in public without being forced to undergo medical procedures or wear medical devices.

Here is where we stand to challenge organizations that infringe on and attempt to violate this right.

Here is where we stand to assemble. Peacefully and to the fullest extent of the law.

We respect the rights of doctors, scientists, and all humans of all walks of life to interpret
experiments, results, and data as they see fit.

No matter the decisions you make for your health, you and your decisions should be met with
love, respect, and understanding.

This site is a social media page created to promote alternatives to businesses and ward off
organizations that promote coerced medical procedures and devices.

-We also encourage a culture of healthy mental and physical fitness as a counter to the
mandatory medical procedures and devices being forced upon us by institutions, bureaucrats,
politicians, and businesses.

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