Why Honestweb?

During my job hunting searches I have noticed that many freelancers/developers keep lying to potential clients to take on a job. I find this ethicaly wrong. This is why I decided to call my website “Honestweb” and be honest from start to finish. After all “Honesty is best policy”

Most Common Lies and The Facts!

Now… This is the biggest lie! Don’t take my word for it. Ask google about that developers’ website and you’ll see that their own website does not appear on the first page of search results. Probably it will not appear EVEN on the first 10 pages. Now how can you believe that this person will make your site appear on the first page of search results when they CANNOT get their own site noticed by search engines???

They don’t want to waste their time coding the site to your liking instead they use page builders to make life easier for themselves. Page builders are the last thing you need in your website because they will slow your site down and google search bots do not like slow loading pages. I can promise that I will never use a page builder for your site unless you insist on using a page builder and even then I will first offer you 2 lots of alternative builders because they are light-weight in comparison to well known page builders. For example one of my alternative builder’s size is 378KB (Compressed) and one of the most famous builder’s size is 6.27MB (Compresssed). Now, which one will load faster do you think?

They probably have developer licence which allows them to use a slider plugin in as many sites as they like with life-time updates just like I do. Maybe some of those freelancers don’t even have that and you’ll end up having to pay an annual fee for the slideshow plugin if you want the updates in future. I can promise that my premium slider plugin comes with FREE life-time updates because I have the relevant licence to provide you with this.

Probably they are lone rangers just like me and employ freelancers for the work that they cannot do for whatever reason and you end up paying them a middle-man fee for finding that freelancer for you! You could find that freelancer yourself and save money. I can assure you I am a well experienced lone-ranger & I will NEVER get a third party freelancer engaged in your project

90% of the hosting packages come with FREE SSL certificates anyway. How can they claim to give something for FREE when they have got it for free anyway? You probably already have a SSL certificate that we can set up via your CPanel in a minute if you have an hosting account. And I will not charge you for such a simple task.

They use a couple of premium templates that come with tens of layouts. Again because it makes life easier and faster for them but probably you’ll end up having to pay a fee when it comes to updating your theme and your pages will be slow because those premium templates load a lot of scripts that are NOT NEEDED as well. I can assure you that I will build your template to fit your specific needs to make sure that your theme is PREMIUM in your eyes. And the premium version of the theme I use comes with FREE life-time updates too and it only loads necessary stuff to make your life easier to edit things like spacing, colors etc. from the admin panel and this does not affect your page speed because all the code is for the admin panel only.

I can only laugh at this claim 🙂 I have been chasing work on 3 different freelancer platforms this last month and I have seen over 200 freelancers claiming to be “THE BEST”. So; at least 199 of them are simply lying. I have seen guys with 5 years experience claiming to be “THE BEST” too. I have over 14 years experience but I daren’t call myself “THE BEST” because I know that I am NOT the one to decide this.